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For Adults

Today more than 30% of orthodontic patients are over 18 years old. Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and adults appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile even more than children. Orthodontic problems in adults range from minor crowding or spacing of teeth to more complicated problems involving replacement of missing teeth.

Adults realize that improving the health of their mouths and attractiveness of their facial appearance can result in positive changes in their personal and professional lives. In short, orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments an adult can make in their appearance and their health.

Adult patients have options regarding various braces used in our practice. Many adult patients hope to avoid visible braces and choose clear and removable orthodontic appliances. This is a suitable option in many cases however not for everyone. If you are considering Clear Braces, Dr. Smith will discuss this option with you during your initial appointment.


Adult Treatments

Many adults look for orthodontic treatment because they didn't receive it as a child or teenager. In most cases the treatment required for adults is very similar to that of teenagers.

Since adult jaws no longer grow, adult orthodontic patients require jaw surgery more often. Sometimes the size of the upper and lower jaws do not match up enough to allow a good orthodontic result. This can be a potentially serious handicap to the functional chewing ability of the teeth. The only way to get an ideal dental result is to straighten the teeth and then to perform surgery on the jaws to correct the growth problem.

Crooked teeth, improper bite, overcrowding and protrusions are now being corrected for many people, regardless of age. In fact, many people in their mature of senior years have orthodontics as part of a comprehensive strategy to replace missing teeth or increase the longevity of their natural teeth. New technology has made modern orthodontics more comfortable and more effective than ever. The latest orthodontic braces are smaller and less visible, enabling adults to receive orthodontic care that was not available to them as children.